JournalSignal Processing: Image Communication
VolumeVol. 23
EditorEURASIP, Leonardo Chiariglione
PublisherAmsterdam: Elsevier Science B.V.
DateOctober 2008
Author(s)Sebastian Knorr, Matthias Kunter, Thomas Sikora
TitleStereoscopic 3D from 2D Video with Super-Resolution Capability
AbstractThis paper presents a new approach for generation of super-resolution stereoscopic and multi-view video from monocular video. Such multi-view video is used for instance with multi-user 3D displays or auto-stereoscopic displays with head-tracking to create a depth impression of the observed scenery. Our approach is an extension of the realistic stereo view synthesis (RSVS) approach which is based on structure from motion techniques and image-based rendering to generate the desired stereoscopic views for each point in time. Subjective quality measurements with 25 real and 3 synthetic sequences were carried out to test the performance of RSVS against simple time-shift and depth image-based rendering (DIBR). Our approach heavily enhances the stereoscopic depth perception and gives a more realistic impression of the observed scenery. Simulation results applying super-resolution show that the image quality can further be improved by reducing motion blur and compression artifacts.
Key wordsstereoscopic imaging, 2D/3D conversion, structure-from-motion, super-resolution stereo, image-based rendering

; ISSN: 0923-5965