Conference/ProceedingsIMMERSCOM 2009
Start date27.05.2009
End date29.05.2009
Author(s)Kai Ide, Matthias Kunter, Thomas Sikora
TitleFast Generation of Cylindrical Panoramic Views From Free-Hand Video Sequences
AbstractWe report on a fast algorithm for the generation of cylindrical panoramic views from hand-held video sequences. Due to its high processing speed the algorithm is suited for hardware implementation into next generation video- and photo cameras. This enables the user to easily create immersive views from simple pan shots of variable quality. The individual processing steps within the algorithm are described in detail. Final results of the video to panorama conversion process along with an an outlook on how to further improve the method when implemented in consumer grade video- and photo cameras are given at the end of this paper.
Key wordsVideo Processing, Panorama, Application, RANSAC, Feature Tracking, Multi-Resolution Splines